The history of Teeny Tiny Market®

Founded in 2013 by Laura Urbina and Carolina Urbina, the world's best toy market was born in Colombia. Thanks to their passion for design and art, these two sisters envisioned the ultimate way to play with food—yes, with food.

The idea sparked on a day much like today, when Laura observed her two daughters playing and noticed that their activities didn't encourage group play or foster imagination development. From this need to innovate and create spaces filled with happiness and value, a market brimming with unique design pieces emerged, inviting both children and adults to play, learn, and imagine a world teeming with opportunities centered around food and its teachings.

That's why we ask, 'Who said you can't play with food?'

Who are we?

We will tell you in two parts: we are happiness and love for what we do.

We are Teeny Tiny Market, a brand that creates the most amazing toys based on food to play, learn, and have lots of fun while developing healthy habits for life.

We are an inclusive toy brand that respects the environment. Our supply chain is transparent and we prioritize our planet by using a business model that includes eco-friendly materials and inks. We package our products in recyclable or compostable materials. We aim to create toys that last over time to avoid waste, so our toys are durable, child safe, secure, and washable. They maintain their properties over time, and on top of that, they are sugar-free!!!

We hope you enjoy and love our toys as much as we do when we make them!