Who said you can't play with food?

When you were a child, did someone ever tell you, 'Kids, don't play with your food,' and that was the end of the fun? Well, that's going to change from today onwards.

We want to introduce you to TEENY TINY MARKET, a place to play, have fun, and live incredible experiences.

The concept of our brand is based on the experience that is lived with the toys in our market. Symbolic toys with high design content, collectible, and educational. We draw inspiration from the best of local cuisines around the world transforming them into unique toys that inspire and connect.

Our products encourage children to socialize and share, involving other children, adults, or even technology in the game, all while developing various skills simultaneously. But undoubtedly, the most important characteristic is their ability to enhance imagination and creative thinking. It's amazing to see them play with us and create so many different worlds.

Currently, we offer more than 120 handmade pieces, made with non-toxic, hygienic materials that are easy to clean and wash.

Experience the TEENY TINY MARKET.

Because who said you can't play with food?

Get to know the Teeny Tiny Market experience.

Because who said you can't play with food?